Why local SEO is important for small businesses.

Local SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that helps your business enhance its visibility in local Google search result pages.

With an active local SEO strategy, you will be able to increase awareness of your business online, which leads to a larger number of visitors to your physical location, and in turn, this will help you develop your business.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is simply a form of your standard SEO and is directed at ensuring your business gets noticed on Google, by individuals searching for it in their locality.

The key thing is it works to promote your business’ search engine presence on location-based searches by growing your local rankings.

These include searches with specific location qualifiers, such as city, county, postcode, service area, etc., and ‘near me’ searches, where Google picks up the geo-location of the individual and gives search results from that particular area.

What are Local SERPs?

What local businesses require most to increase organic traffic to their websites or their store is visibility on what’s recognized as the ‘local pack’ or ‘3-pack’. A local SEO 3-pack is the listing of three businesses you notice first in the search results when searching for terms using keywords such as “near me” or “near [Location].”

When you search for a local business, Google creates a list of potential businesses that match your search query. Google’s local 3-pack is one of the most sought after locations to present your business when it comes to search engine results.

You’ll see many elements here that are different from regular organic search results, such as opening times, reviews, and business photos. Although Google is getting smart enough to pull this information straight from your website, that’s not where these details come from.

Cardiff Search

Cardiff Search

All the element on offer to the searcher in the local pack comes straight from the business’s Google My Business profile, a significant aspect of local SEO that’s becoming more critical as Google seeks to deliver more search queries directly in the search engine results page.

Local SEO basics

Link Building

Like conventional SEO, link building is massive when it comes to improving awareness for your business and generating more organic traffic to your website. Link building is when another website place links to your content. You can do conduct internal link building and external linking building.

Internal link building is exactly what it sounds like. You place hyperlinks in your content that link back to the different content you’ve created. For example, if you have a blog and you stuck links in your blog that pointed to other blogs you’ve written that is internal linking.

External linking is similar but the links would come from outside websites back to yours. For example, if a different website links back to your website. In local SEO, external link building will be more advantageous to your business because it will deliver more traffic to notice your website. Audiences you may not have been able to discover on your own will have the ability to locate your business by this straightforward approach.

Meta Description and Title Tags

Another fundamental local SEO technique is to ensure you properly optimize your meta descriptions and title tags.

Every website has meta descriptions and title tags. These sections of information help make your website more noticeable to search engines when they crawl your site. A meta description is a small fragment of information that represents the content on your website. It assists search engines and searchers to know what your content will be about before navigating to your website.

A title tag is the title of your web page.

Keyword Research

Like any other elements of your business, you have to undertake research. In local SEO, we mean keyword research. Often when we speak about SEO, keywords are also included in the discussion. That’s because applying the same quality keywords that your audience is applying is how you can reach them better.

You can even optimize your business name and location area as keywords to target local traffic. But the most significant part about using keywords is researching to understand which ones make the most sense for your business.

You could have a salon that specializes in only hair extensions. In that case, you wouldn’t want to spend your time using incorrect keywords. Once you do discover the correct words to use, you’ll see how much more productive your content becomes at producing awareness.

Online Business Directories

You’d be surprised how many people utilise online directories to obtain information on businesses in their local area. That’s why having an online directory presence is vital. The more online directories you utilise to create awareness, the more likely it is your target market will notice your business.

Ultimately, undertaking local link building like this is a proven technique to help your business.

Google Reviews

Obtaining reviews may sound a little difficult initially. However, search engines prefer business websites that have recent reviews.Typically, Google will consider the number of reviews you have when ranking local businesses.

It doesn’t necessarily matter whether they are positive or negative. And if you happen to get one, always remember to acknowledge the customer for providing a positive review with a response.




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